We turn brands
into good feelings.

Truth be told.

Our DNA, down to our name, is about finding the most relevant and interesting element of human truth and paying it off with powerful stories. That overlap of truth and story is where we create. Because without the fact, people won’t relate. Without the fiction, they won’t care.

Purpose built
to make at the speed of modern

We are strategic partners, creative problem solvers and production studio all wrapped into one. We create impact alongside high-potential brands, act as an extension of team, and believe creativity is at its best when it’s fast, proactive, and responding to stuff and stories people really care about.


We’re also structured differently from the ground up to provide partners a seamless and highly collaborative team of creatives, copywriters, art directors, designers, thinkers, producers, directors, brand therapists, editors, animators, artists, photographers, illustrators, set designers, strategists, grips, musicians, hair and makeup, voice over, influencers, food stylists, super glue, and duct tape.

Who we
work with


Our Leadership

founder & CEO

Kyle Taylor is not your typical founder. Part entrepreneur, part creative and part business strategist, he cut his teeth as a designer in Kansas City, and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. He changed the way companies use Amazon ads. He took a brand stuck in the past to outer space. He even helped to create the Evel Knievel Museum — and lived to tell about it.


Andrea Cruz

Head of account services

Those who know Andrea Cruz, love Andrea Cruz. Our Head of Accounts is everything you want in a leader — including incredible voiceover skills. Not only is she the coolest, she also brings over a decade of experience working on brands like YETI, Costa, Lyft, Chaco and Shiner.

Derek Anderson

Head of Brand

Between creative and strategy, Derek has spent the last 17 years helping build and strengthen some of the world’s most recognizable brands, from Intel and Ford Motor Company to Vanguard and US Bank. No matter if he’s helping fortune 500 companies restructure marketing models or evaluating search ads, Derek remains a persistent champion of brave, strategic thinking, with an emphasis on innovative ideas that drive business results.

Lisa Lee

Head of production

A Navy SEAL saved her life in Iguazu Falls. She witnessed a set collapse on a one-of-a-kind car prototype in Prague. She’s shot in London, Mexico, and South Africa. Our Head of Production, Lisa Lee, has traveled around the globe eluding death while working on brands like American Airlines, Infiniti, PlayStation, Apple, and Nissan.


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